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**You are buying the NEW 500 Iraqi Dinar Banknotes**
Guaranteed to be Certified, Authentic, Uncirculated and in Mint Condition

FRONT: On the front of this note you see the Ducan Dam. The Dam is made with bowed concrete and spans a half diameter of 120 M with a top length of 360 M at a width of 8.4 M. Its overall storage capacity is an astonishing 6.8 Billion cubic meters.

BACK: On the back you will see the statue of a Winged Bull. A colossal human-headed winged bull standing over 14 feet tall and weighing over 10 tons guarded the entrance to the palace of king Sargon II of Assyria in about 710 BC at his capital city, Khorsabad. The winged bull was called a "lamassu," which was believed to be a spiritual being with the head of a human, the body and ears of a bull, and the wings of an angel or bird. This winged bull has 5 legs to make it appear balanced from any angle. The mythical creatures were placed on each side of palace entrances to give magical protection against evil spirits.

Security Features to ensure Authenticity:

1. Horse head watermark: This is one of the easiest security features to check for. Hold the Iraqi dinar up to a bright light source and the image of a horse head should clearly appear. This pattern is embedded, not printed, into the paper.

2. Ultraviolet writing: To check for the ultraviolet writing on the Iraqi Dinar, you will need a UV lamp (as commonly found in hardware stores). In a dimly lit area, hold the UVA lamp over the Iraqi dinar. You should clearly see a UV box with the denominations value written inside on the back side of the dinar.

3. Security thread: There should be a security thread embedded into the stock of the Iraqi dinar paper.

4. Unique serial number: Every dinar is uniquely numbered in East-Arabic script.


100 X 500 NEW IRAQI DINARS = $250.00

= 150,000 = $595.00

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